Argonon Post Production is a service provided by Argonon, mainly for the companies in the group. We offer a full post management service, from pre-filming consultation, through ingest, and edit support, to picture and audio finishing. Our facilities have offline, online, grading and audio services supported by our team of technicians and edit assistants.


We have 26 Avid offline edit suites. All rooms have guide VO equipment, client and editor PC with Microsoft Office, and high speed internet access.


We have an Avid Symphony and Resolve online capabilities. If you want specific plug-ins please let us know and we will load them for your session.


We have Resolve Grading (or Baselight Editions if you prefer) and partner with The Finish Line artists for our finishing talent.


We can do audio prep in-house, but final mix and review is usually done at Vaudeville who we partner with for our audio finishing talent and VO records.

We can arrange your voiceover at studios.

We work with to provide sound design and the most suitable mixing talent for your production.


We have high speed file transfer capabilities so let us know if you need to send or receive large files or volumes, or need to deliver masters to your channel/distributor. This is best done on the Argonon Post Catapult service.

Please contact  for any further information