Argonon Post Production, is your in house post facility. We offer offline, online, grading and audio facilities, with personalised support from our talented MCR team.



We have 18 offline suites, all running Avid Media Composer 8.6. We can load your edit suite with Boris CC10. All suites are on EditShare storage, for project collaboration. All rooms have VO equipment, client and editor PC with Microsoft Office, and high speed internet access.

Our offline suites are available for dry hire.



We have an Avid Symphony online suite, with the option of adding more suites, if your production requires it. The suite has Boris effects and grade1 broadcast monitoring. We have access to a team of skilled freelancers, to provide the right talent for your production.



We can offer Baselight Editions and Resolve grading systems, depending on the requirements of your production, or the artist you choose to work with.



We have an in house audio suite, running ProTools
We can arrange your voiceover at studios.
We work with to provide sound design and the most suitable mixing talent for your production.



We offer an ingest and storage service, which is charged by data size, so you are only charged for what you use.



We have a talented MCR team, keen to assist. You can contact them at They are happy to advise on whatever technical query you have, just ask.

The beauty of us all working for the same company, means that every production is a priority.


LTO Archive

We archive all of your rushes to LTO as standard, along with your Avid media project. We also add your digital master and BWAVs as a back up.



We can offer a Catapult file transfer service. So transferring terabytes of data to and from your providers and team, is no problem.


Please contact  for any further information